Our Process
Our Process

Building Your Vision

The step-by-step behind the magic.

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Building a new home is an investment in the future. We believe that, as with any major investment, you should know beforehand every step of the process so that you can go into this exciting new venture with open eyes and perfect expectations.

Planning Stage

Step 1 – Discovering your vision
After our initial discussion, we will meet with you to discuss your needs for a home, including getting an idea of your lifestyle, personal design style and future goals. It’s important to us that your home reflects you and suits your needs, whether it’s a place to host your weekly wine tastings, or an oasis from your busy life.

We will also present you with examples of the contract and other legal documentation required for us to move forward on your home.

Step 2 – Putting your vision on paper
Once we have an idea of what you want and need in a home, we can start designing. We will present you with preliminary drawings, proposed interior design mock-ups and more. You can provide us with feedback, changes and any other comments so that we can tweak the design to ensure it is the perfect home for you.

Step 3 – Finalizing your vision
We will meet once more to finalize the construction drawings, ensure all necessary contract documentation is signed and that you’re happy with the direction. These drawings are used to:

  • Design HVAC and mechanical layouts (required for permits)
  • Create floor joist and truss layouts (required for building permit)
  • Prepare a timeline for the completion of your home.

During this phase, we will also start the process for obtaining:

  • Municipal approvals
  • Building permits
  • Sewer, water and utilities connections to your future home
  • Road building (if needed)

We estimate 2 – 3 weeks from finalizing the construction drawings to breaking ground on your new home; this time depends on how quickly permits are approved, weather and other conditions.

Step 4 – Breaking ground on your new house
Probably one of the most exciting moments for a future new-home owner – we start digging the foundation!

Building Stage

Step 1 – Foundation
Excavation for your foundation involves digging a large hole, creating foundation walls and pouring concrete. It is at this time that the water sewer, waterproofing, drainage systems and electrical connections will be installed.

Please note that, while we are aiming to have you in your home as soon as possible, weather does play a large role in the timing of this stage. There are certain steps, such as pouring the concrete, that require a stretch of warm, dry weather.

While we’re working on your foundation, we will start the interior design process – Christine will work with you to create a design plan that will not only reflect your personality but will also follow the budget set for the house.

Step 2 – Framing
At this stage, the house starts taking shape and looking like an actual building. Wood framework is put in place, subfloors are installed, roof structure is built and the roof is shingled. At this point, we’re only 1/3 of the way through the building process.

Think of this as the skeleton of your home – we still need to add the inner workings and cosmetics that will make it the efficient and beautiful place you’d always dreamed of!

Step 3 – Rough Ins (aka the inner workings)
Heating, air conditioning, air ducts, plumbing and electrical wiring are all roughed in. We’ll ask you to come by to ensure that all of the light fixtures, switches and outlets are where you’d like them to be.

Then comes the insulation and drywall; the walls become actual walls instead of wooden frames, the ceilings start looking like ceilings. It’s a very exciting phase of the construction process.

Step 4 – Exterior Finishes
While the drywall is going up inside, the outside is getting a make over. Brick, stone and siding are installed; your site is graded for drainage; driveway, patios, walkways and landscaping is all being put into motion. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your home will change from the framing to the finished look!

Transforming Your House Into A Home

With the exterior coming together and the drywall complete inside, this is the step where we implement all the interior design plans you’d been discussing with Christine.

  • Walls are primed, painted and trimmed (baseboards, doors, window casings);
  • Tile, hardwood, carpet and vinyl flooring are laid; Built-ins and shelving are installed where requested;
  • Cabinets and countertops are put in place.

Then come the final touches – those little flourishes that you enjoyed selecting and reflect your personality.

  • Light fixtures, switches and receptacles are connected;
  • Plumbing hardware and fixtures are installed;
  • Door handles and decals are applied;
  • Walls receive their final touch-up coat of paint.

When all this is nearing completion, we will invite you for a walk through, during which you can let us know if you have any changes or touch ups you’d like completed – this process is part of the Tarion Pre-Delivery Inspection, one of the perks of having a Tarion New Home Warranty.

Entering Your New Home

In the last week from walk through to handing you the keys, we will clean the house from top to bottom and ensure everything is perfect.

On possession day, we will meet with you at the site, hand you the keys and walk you through your new home. Consider it an introduction!

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